24 Nov 2021
November 24, 2021

Willing to have more energy ?

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We have noticed that some of you wished to have more energy for the surf sessions.

Surfers who practice on a regular base pay attention to various aspects;

To start with; to be in good physical condition to be able to surf the waves, and to paddle long distance on the reef. The surfers practice other sports out of the water to be fit. Some of them work out, go running, free diving, swimming and it is also very popular to skate on a carver to train the muscles and at the same time, the surf the technique. Yoga is also a good activity to have the flexibility to perform the surf moves.

To continue, the mental preparation is important: knowing your level, your skills in the ocean; your limits and therefore your strengths and weaknesses.

And what also makes a big difference is the diesel you consume!
Diet is a very important factor to have the right energy for a demanding surf session. The last years, Alex our head coach has been sharing with you his advice on a healthy diet for a longer surf session! We suggest you replace soda drinks by fresh fruit juices, consuming food with high energy and replacing the usual snack chips by dried fruits. You’ll hear more about it during your surf training with us !

Come to spend some surf holiday with our surf camp fuerteventura and surf school Fuerteventura (corralejo and Lajares), and have fun ! We are looking forward to see you for a surf course in Fuerteventura or a surfari! Your surf school Fuerteventura !