Surfaris & private tuition

You want to enjoy this unique feeling of riding the waves? We will take you to the greatest surf spots and share safety information about the spot! As soon as you land on the island, you will be enjoying the best waves!

Surfari for advanced beginner students


We offer our students adv. beginners the possibility of renting boards & wetsuit to use for the day with transfer to the beach with the students of the class. It is a good option if you have already followed the 3 or 5 day beginner surf course with aloha and you want to keep practicing your surf, before going on your own to the waves ! EXCLUSIVITY FOR THE ALOHA ACADEMY STUDENTS ONLY!

35 euros included : Pick up and Transfers / Surf Material / Info on the spot / beach lifeguard in the area / group atmosphere / it lasts 5-6 hours

Surfari for intermediate & confident surfers


The surfari (guided tour)is only for confident surfers. Your guide drives you to the best surf spots of the day, checking the wind, the swell and the tides. He will also explain to you the spot, so that you feel safe to surf in a place you have not been before ! With the guide, you’ll just have to enjoy the best waves of Fuerteventura !

This option is for you if you are + 18 years old and :

  • You are an intermediate / advanced surfer
  • You are in good physical condition
  • You can paddle out a long distance to the line up
  • You are up to duck dive, and/or do the turtle
  • You surf unbroken waves and perform bottom and top turns
  • You know the surf priorities, and the international rules to respect at the line up
  • You know how to behave when you wipe out

50 euros p.p. included : Pick up and transfers / info on the spot / no hassle to find a spot ! / it lasts 3 hours (~90 minutes in the water), max. 3 guests.

gallerie guided tour (1)guided_tour_2PLEASE LET US KNOW : Which surfboard do you ride ?, how often a year do you surf ?, do you surf beach breaks – reef breaks ?, do you surf frontside and backside ? Do you have surf pictures to share ? This will allow us to determinate your level to take you to the adequate surf spot. Moreover, do you have a good English or Spanish level to communicate with the guide who is in charge of you?

INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS : Our surf courses take place at a surf spot ideal to learn new techniques. The surfari is a good option if you have already followed the 3 or 5 day intermediate surf course with aloha, and you want to keep on practicing your new skills in a “free surf area”.

 Surfari & personal advice for intermediate – confident surfers


We offer a guided tour with private tuition. You surf with our instructor, and he gives you personalised tips in the water. You improve very quickly ! 100% fun & efficient !
Our coach Alex, educated in sport sciences, shares nutritional and work out advices so that you have enough power to surf.

100 euros. included : Pick up and transfers / info on the spot / 1:1 coaching /personalised tips by an instructor / lifeguard / it lasts 3 hours (~90 minutes in the water).

  • Add an analysis of your surf photos for + 40€
  • Add a carver skate training for + 40€