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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my family also come to the beach during the surf class?
    Yes, of course ! Your family can enjoy the transfer from Corralejo/Lajares (additional charges may apply) to the beach with the surfschool or join us directly at the spot !  
  2. What is a normal surf day like ?

    Your program

    – Depending on the surf conditions (tides, swell), we come to pick you up at your accommodation in the morning (10:30) or the afternoon (14:30). The time will be confirmed the day before by WhatsApp for the first surf day. It lasts about 5-6 hours including the transfer.

    The surf course includes a training carver skateboard in Lajares, the transfer to the beach, a warm up, exercises on the sand and in the water, a recovery break, an after surf stretching session to finish the session, and usually we end it with a free surf session.

    – You will feel privileged as we do only 1 single group per day, without a fixed schedule and it is being more than a surf course, but also an enriching experience in human relations. We share with you our island lifestyle as well as our ideas on a sustainable life, environment preservation and care of yourself with sport and healthy food.

    The theory is often given around a table while you enjoy delicious smoothies/coffee on the way back to Corralejo/Lajares. Also, at the end of the week, there is often a lunch or dinner where we take surf pictures analyses so you can watch the footage while receiving feedback to improve your performance !

    – You only need to bring your beach gear, water & some food (possibility of buying food at a backery in the village of Lajares on the way to the beach) ! The instructor gives you your material and looks after all administrative tasks.


  3. At what time does the course generally start ? Is it far from Corralejo/Lajares ?
    The time of the course is scheduled depending on the tides. Usually, we go to the beach during low tides because at that time there is a lot of white water to have an easy and safe start !  
  4. I am coming on holiday with a friend who is a total beginner and I am an intermediate surfer. Is it possible to be in the same group?
    Yes, it is ! At our academy, we have small groups of max 6 students so that Alex the teacher can supervise and train you individually, depending on your surf level. He gives you a personalized program, intensive and efficient so that you can perfect your surf ! Therefore, you will be in the same group as your friend who is a beginner !
  5. I I might bring my own wetsuit ; what is the water temperature ?
    The average water temperature is 23 degrees in summer, and 18 in winter. In summer, we often surf wearing boardshorts during the day, and with shorties or integral 3/2mm at the end of the day when it gets cool because of the wind.
  6. What is the best time of the year to surf on Fuerteventura ?
    As a beginner, it doesn’t make a big difference, we surf all year round. However, Fuerteventura is famous for its winter swell in case you want to do surfaris and/or take advanced classes. Our surf school & surf camp is located in the north of the island, in Corralejo/Lajares. This location allows us to move quickly to the east, west or north coast following the best surf conditions. This guarantees surf all year round ! (beach breaks and reef breaks).
  7. Can I borrow the gear after the surf class ?
    Yes, you can borrow the gear for free on the days of the surf course.
  8. This is not my first class; which surfboards do you use ?
    On the first day, we generally use softboards. Those boards are used for security reasons (in the Canary Islands). They are great to learn technique and manoeuvres like bottom turn, top turn,… During the different days of class, you get the opportunity to try different surfboards to find the one that matches your style. Just talk to your instructor !
  9. How much is the private lesson ?
    We offer a surfari with private tips for confident surfers for 100€ -90 minutes. For the surf course, we do not do private as our students get enough tuition with our small group of max 6 students . .
  10. I am not a beginner, but not a confident surfer either. Am I in the right place taking a surf course at your Academy ?
    Yes, you are ! Alex the teacher helps you to refresh or perform the basics of surfing and also corrects any bad habits. Then he coaches you on advanced techniques, how to paddle out, how to catch unbroken waves and you can try your first bottom turns, etc. If you wish, you can also take a surfari to keep on practicing your new skills
  11. Can I book the surf course only when I am in town of Corralejo/Lajares ?
    Our surf courses are limited to a maximum of 6 people; therefore, we offer the best quality classes. To avoid any disappointment, We recommend you to book as soon as possible.
  12. My son of 13 years old wants to take a class; is that possible ?
    We welcome unaccompanied teenagers as of 12 y.o. .Each keiki (kid in Hawaiian) is unique ; that’s why we like the parents to describe their keiki. Is He/she independent ? adventurer ? Can he/she swim well in the Ocean ? If yes, your keiki is a candidate to a surf course at our Academy !
  13. Can my 7 y.o. daughter join your course ?
    Like for the teenagers (see above), we need to speak with you if the keiki is independent, and confident in the water. We will decide together whether the keiki can join the course or not. As a kid asks more attention than a regular surfer; we ask you, the parents, to be available on the beach to help the instructor.
  14. Is the breakfast included at the surf camp ?
    Yes, it is with surf riders hostel. There is a supermarket in walking distance & the meals at the restaurants are about 10 euros.
  15. How to go from the airport to Corralejo ?
    The distance from the airport to Corralejo is at 45 kilometres. We can organise a private transfer, or you can catch the public bus. (It lasts about 90 minutes, for 4.50 euros).
  16. Where is your surf school located?
    Our office is located at our private address. For surf classes/ surfari, we pick you up directly at your accommodation in Corralejo or at the surf camp – we can also meet in Lajares for the carver training. Shall you wish to meet us, please make an appointment or email us !”
  17. Are the accommodation’s rentals obligatory from Saturday to Saturday ?
    No, they are not. You can arrive any day of the week for any type of accommodation (surf camp, hostel, hotel,)
  18. Can I stay at your surf camp in Corralejo and not take a surf course during the time I spend there?
    Yes, you can. It is not necessary to take a surf course to book the accommodation advertised on our website.