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– Established 2011, Surf school in Corralejo, Fuerteventura –
A unique surf school, offering a structured surf course, with the real surf technique!

Why choose us for your surf holiday?

  1. 1
    The instructor is 100% dedicated to his students
    Alex, the Head Instructor, has studied sport and pedagogy in Germany. He is an excellent and patient teacher who invests himself 100% in order to provide you with good explanations and suggestions to improve your technique, while being super encouraging.
  2. 2
    For the real surf technique
    We are the only surf school in Corralejo offering a structured surf course, with the real surf technique, not one that will make you surf quickly but incorrectly, as it is common in surfing industry. Our teaching may asks more efforts, but you learn the true surf technique to be an independent and confident surfer. To do so, we have decided to have only one group of students per day to take our time at the beach as we picked quality versus quantity.
  3. 3
    For our carver skate training
    A carver skateboard (surf skate) session is integrated in your surf course.
    Skateboarding is a valuable tool to improve your balance and your posture on the surfboard. The feeling on the carver is very similar to the feeling in a wave and during the skating session you can improve and automate your movements for the water !
    Beginners will improve their balance and get a feeling for the whole body movements used in surfing. They also benefit from a development of their coordination, and building up of their confidence for the coming tasks in the water.

    For the intermediate or advanced surfers, the carver session builds techniques and manoeuvres long before developing that ability in the water, so that the learning progress is extremely accelerated.

  4. 4
    We speak your language
    Our instructor Alex speaks 6 different languages and can therefore teach in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch .
  5. 5
    For our excellent reputation
    Our approach is exclusive. It has allowed the academy to build a strong, successful and excellent reputation outside and on the island as it is also recognised by the locals. The customers say they feel privileged as there is only one single group per day, without a fixed schedule, that they get new skills like they have never gained in any other surf camp, and it’s being more than a surf course, but also an enriching experience in human relations.
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    Safety is first priority
    Our objective is that our students learn well and safely. Our instructors renews their beach lifeguard qualification every 2 years.
    Every day, the instructor gives you safety instructions about the surf spot, he explains to you how to keep you safe while surfing, he also informs you about surf history (rules to respect, material introduction, creation of the swell, etc. ) and he makes sure you feel the aloha spirit to become a great surfer !
  7. 7
    For the overall quality of the service
    We picked Aloha as a name as we identify with the Aloha spirit, from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands that we love to visit.
    Then the name Academy has been chosen to show the professionalism of our service. Sophie has great skills of management and customer care.
    The instructor Alex has studied sport science and provides a surf class with a methodology of teaching. Not only do we take the teaching seriously, we treat you with honest care and respect.

Come to surf with us in Fuerteventura !

This Canary Island is known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic. Its location guarantees the surf on stunning beaches all year round for all abilities! Our surf school & surf camp is located in the North of the Island of Fuerteventura, in Corralejo.

We are a surfer family (Ohana) at your disposal to make sure you spend an unforgettable holiday in Fuerteventura.
Get in touch with us, Sophie will organise your surf holiday “a la carte”, and Alex will give you your surf lesson for 100% success in your training.

We invite you to join our Ohana; we surf together, in small groups, in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. We look forward meeting you ! ALOHA 😉

Learn to surf !

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Surf course fuerteventura

For low intermediate & Intermediate

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For intermediate & confident

Surfaris & private tuition

Surf course fuerteventura Advanced

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