1. day surf course : 65 euros
  2. days surf course :130 euros
  3. days surf course :195 euros
  4. ⚠️offer starting from 4 days surf course : 245 euros
  5. days surf course : 295 euros – then 60 euros per day.

Various information surf courses

Our surf school is appropriate for clients who wish to learn to surf or to keep on learning in a serious way, who are dedicated, sporty and motivated !

Our instructor is an excellent teacher; focused on providing you with good explanations and suggestions to improve your technique, while being patient and encouraging on the beach.

SCHEDULE DEPENDING ON THE CONDITIONS : In general, departure at 10.30 or 14.30
DURATION  : 5 to 6 hours *


  • Pick up at your accommodation in Corralejo or meeting at the square of the village of Lajares
  • surf skate training including gear
  • transfer to the beach and back
  • surf material board / wetsuit
  • high quality surf course
  • coaching by a pro beachlifeguard instructor for your safety
  • free surf session after the course
  • surf certificate from 4 days booking
  • third-party insurance
  • theory usually on Monday- surf pictures analyses usually on Friday
  • Bring your USB key to get your surf pictures !
  • EXCLUSIVITY-BE OUR VIP : only 1 group a day & max. 6 students

* Only 1 group a day = You will feel privileged as we do only 1 single group per day, without a fixed schedule and it is being more than a surf course, but also an enriching experience in human relations. No rush to leave the beach during your free surf, or the “after surf” terrace ! The 5-6 hours is to give you an idea on the timing but it often lasts more !

The theory is often given around a table to enjoy delicious smoothies/coffee/sandwich-crêpes. Also, at the end of the week, we organise a lunch or dinner so that we can analyse your surf pictures! We share with you our island lifestyle as well as our ideas on a sustainable life, environment preservation and care of yourself with sport and healthy food.

SURF SPOTS: beaches on the east coast near Corralejo, el Cotillo, Rocky point, Punta blanca, caleta, etc.
BOOKING : by whatSapp / email / phone call
REQUESTED INFORMATIONS : complete name / height + kilo/ mobile / accommodation for the pick up
PAYMENT : cash / paypal / bank transfer
PLEASE BRING ALONG : snacks & water / beach gear / cash to pay your amount due on the first day / USB key to copy your surf pictures / flat sole sneakers for the carver