We are pleased to offer you the exclusive surf and permaculture package; a great novelty in Fuerteventura! Combine 5 days of surf lessons at stunning beaches with our academy and learn about permaculture at a local community ecological farm.


  • 7 nights by the surf house la Cometa in a dorm
  • Wonderful garden to chill
  • 2 initiations to permaculture at a local eco farm
  • 5 days of surf course at our Academy (5-6 hours)
  • Surf Material and transfers to the beach
  • 1 session of pictures’ analysis so that the surfers progress faster
  • 5 sessions of Carver Skateboard training
  • Surf certificate & your surf pictures to bring home
  • PRICE STARTING 554 euros

Your introduction to permaculture
Driven by the desire to grow and consume their own organic fruits and vegetables for health, and 0 miles to reduce carbon footprint and global warming, the farm (fina) was started in 2020 by a group of friends, motivated to grow plants in the arid desert! During 2 sessions of about 3 hours each, you put on your gardening gloves and discover the ecological finca

Alex, your guide who has studied permaculture, shows you around this extraordinary place and provides the appropriate explanations. Then, you go to work; harvesting fruits and vegetables, caring for hens, maintaining and creating fields, building new structures, irrigation, maintaining a fish pond, planting seeds, developing new projects, etc.; your hands are in the earth, you are fully aware of the present moment and in connection with nature.


Who is it for ?
For people willing to (re)connect with nature, to get back to basics. Become aware of the plants that provide us with the fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis and take care of the hens that provide us with eggs and meat.
For people who wish to better know the world of organic and the differences with so-called industrial agriculture. Family welcome.

– bring working clothes/shoes. A pair of gardening gloves, a knife, sunscreen, a cap and water.


What is permaculture?
Both ancestral and innovative, permaculture takes up and improves the teachings of nature to aim for abundance and food autonomy. This principle of permanent culture, created by the biologist Bill Mollison in the 1970s in Australia, is currently causing a stir.

Mainly because it is used in urban vegetable gardens developing all over the world, in connection with the Incredible Edibles movement.
Its ultimate goal: to feed all the people on the planet, and in a sustainable way. What a bet! “It’s a movement that has gained momentum in a few years, explains Carine Mayo, author of the Permaculture Guide. It provides answers to those who want to invent a society less dependent on oil or simply rediscover a link with nature by cultivating their garden”. (source jardinier-malin.fr)

On demand
There is also the possibility of “level 2” permaculture training over an entire week, for people wishing to set up their own plantations at home with a functional ecosystem according to their available space. Consult us!


Come to spend some surf holiday with our surf camp fuerteventura and surf school Fuerteventura (corralejo and Lajares), and have fun ! We are looking forward to see you for a surf course in Fuerteventura or a surfari! Your surf school Fuerteventura !