11 Jan 2021
January 11, 2021

What is your story ?

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And she is absolutely ripping on that wave ?, on her only 3rd surf class !??

? The story started a few years ago when Dorothee booked some lessons at our academy for Pia, her daughter. Pia was back then a teenager and she has been improving through the years her surf technique, and learnt some life’s phylosophy on dry land with coach Alex ?.
Last November, she also participated to her first surf clinic with our academy, a concept to train intermediate to advanced surfers! We’ve been sharing quality time in and out of the water for many years now, Pia is fully part of our ohana ?
We’ve seen her growing up, becoming a young and confident woman and a great surfer. Now she is 18 yo and you’ll find her in Fuerteventura shredding the waves ?
Last December, we got the pleasant request from Pia to book a surf course for Dorothee. The roles got reversed, the daughter was booking a class for her mother ?. Dorothee is a great student listening well, sportive and after a few days she was as you can see, ripping the wave and enjoying herself. Thanks for joining the experience family S. ! May the ocean bring you a lot of joy ✨

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